Are you looking for poly sheeting? We supply a range of polyethylene liners and poly sheeting products with a wide variety of uses. Poly sheeting, also known as polyethylene sheeting, is a very versatile material that can be used for many purposes.

One of the most useful features of poly sheeting is that it is almost 100% waterproof while still allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through.

Generally, poly sheeting is transparent, although it can be made opaque or translucent when required. As sheeting, it is typically available in large rolls, although it can also be supplied in pre-cut sheets, depending on the application.

While it is usually made from virgin-grade polyethylene, it can also be recycled and remade, thereby making it a fairly environmentally friendly plastic product.

Differing Thicknesses

Poly sheeting comes in various thicknesses. Poly sheeting tends to come in several thicknesses depending on the application, and different thicknesses of poly sheeting might be preferred.

Light-duty poly sheeting is generally only used as a very thin cover against dust, paint, or other kinds of sprays. This is typically used in agricultural environments or construction.

Medium-duty poly sheeting is a little thicker and provides a wide range of general protection for large items. This could include covering furniture, floors, or vehicles to protect them against paint and dust. It is also used in agricultural applications to create a temporary greenhouse effect close to the ground.

Heavy-duty sheeting is more than double the thickness of light-duty sheeting and is typically used for industrial or construction applications. It provides waterproof protection against dampness and can act as a temporary roof or window replacement while waiting for final repairs.

Heavy-duty sheeting is also used to seal off rooms to prevent dust from spreading during construction and can provide significant protection against weathering. It is widely used as an effective protection for goods during transport and transit to ensure that they are not exposed to the elements.

Other Benefits

As mentioned, poly sheeting is an extremely versatile material that is easy to work with. It can be easily cut, folded, or attached using anything from staples to tape.

The cost of poly sheeting is generally low, although it tends to vary depending on the thickness and colour. The durability of poly sheeting is also well-established.

Thicker polyethylene sheeting is usually more puncture-resistant and has a longer lifespan. Low-density polyethylene is also generally less durable than high-density polyethylene.

Another benefit of poly sheeting is that it can be used in a wide range of applications, from agriculture to construction, packaging, and even environmental and industrial applications, where it can be used to line ponds or create secondary containment in mining, petrochecmicals, and other industrial settings.

It also has various DIY and home uses, such as drop cloths or weatherproof barriers.

The UV-resistant qualities of poly sheeting can make it a durable material to use outdoors, as it won’t degrade easily or become brittle when exposed to a lot of sunlight.

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