Quality Assurance

Quality is Tufbag’s highest priority, with a complete in-house laboratory for testing of all components and FIBC’s.

We are committed to supplying our customers with a quality product. In order to continually improve quality, the quality itself must become the responsibility of each person within the organisation.

The understanding has been introduced with the manufacturing environment by properly trained quality control personnel who encourage production operators with the help of production management team to become more aware of their role in the producing of a quality product. The long-term future of the company depends on its success in meeting the expectations of customers.

Assurance of consistent quality of our products, as perceived by the customer, is fundamental, and it is company policy to achieve this through the introduction and maintenance of a formal quality management system.


In the unlikely event of a production flaw, Tufbag is able to trace back through the production process, all the way to the raw material, to identify the problem.

Tufbag is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer.

The result of this stringent quality assurance program is the product that customers of Tufbag have come to trust and depend on.