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About Us

TUFBAG is located at Dube Trade Zone, La Mercy, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa right next to King Shaka International Airport.

The speed at which our company has grown since its establishment in 1979, has enabled TUFBAG to become one of the largest FIBC manufacturers in Africa. TUFBAG achieved ISO 9001 in 1995. The company was then accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, a clear indication of the high quality of our product range.

TUFBAG’s total production occupies 28,000 m2 indoor production areas. These production sites contain all of the latest technology in relation to extrusion and weaving processing which makes TUFBAG the only company currently in South Africa, which is able to produce its entire range of synthetic packaging and woven products under one roof.

In order to satisfy the growing demand for TUFBAG products, new investments are continuously being made in future technologies and processes to better meet our customers ever growing demands.

Striving towards full customer satisfaction we pay attention not only to quality, service and cost effectiveness but also specific customer requirements.

FIBC Liners

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) can be fitted with liners to ensure that the materials being handled are well protected from moisture ingress, oxygen, pests and spillages.

FIBC liners are particularly useful when transporting granular or powdered products, such as grain, flour or powdered chemicals. The polyethylene liners provide extra protection and prevent any contamination from occurring in transit.

Normally, FIBC liners are attached to the inside of the FIBC bag. However, the liners can also be supplied loose so that they can be removed and replaced easily without having to replace the entire bulk bag ‒ so long as the bulk bag remains in good condition. This can help save on costs.

Speak to us about our FIBC liner options to find out which one suits your needs best.

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Industries That Benefit From FIBC Liners

Any industry that routinely has to transport dry and sensitive bulk products would find FIBC liners indispensable.

Here are some industries that find them useful:

  • Food

The food industry has extremely high standards when it comes to preventing contamination of the product. Food manufacturers and distributors are constantly fighting a battle against pests of all kinds that never stop trying to get into the product. These pests can range from large creatures, such as rats, to smaller creatures, such as mites. The smaller ones ‒ some of them even microscopic ‒ are the hardest to keep out if the product isn’t sealed in an airtight container during transit. FIBC liners can help ensure that food is transported safely and hygienically, protecting the food supply and ensuring consumers’ health.

  • Pharmaceuticals

Like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry has to be extremely careful about the contamination of products during transit. In medicine, hundreds of highly sensitive chemicals need to be transported constantly to ensure the ongoing manufacture of much-needed medicines. If those loads were to become contaminated or compromised somehow owing to improper storage techniques, the entire supply chain could end up being affected, ultimately leaving some people without the medicine they so desperately need. FIBC liners play a significant role in helping to prevent this from happening.

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is tightly linked to the food manufacturing industry in many ways. However, the agriculture sector routinely supplies the food manufacturing sector through the transport of bulk dry goods such as grain, sugar and flour, among other things. Many products coming out of the agricultural sector need to be transported using FIBC liners to ensure that they reach their destinations in good condition.

  • Chemicals

Chemicals are used in a variety of applications, from the manufacture of plastics to explosives to fertilisers. Many chemicals come in dry form ‒ either granulated or powder ‒ and are highly sensitive to dust, air and moisture, among other potential contaminants. If not properly packaged during transportation and storage, chemicals can spoil and lose their efficacy or become unusable, thereby rendering them worthless. Moreover, some chemicals are potentially hazardous and thus need to be transported safely using FIBC liners to prevent any accidental spillage.

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