If you are transporting cargo and want to ensure that it gets to its destination in one piece, then you need to consider using industrial dunnage bags.

Industrial dunnage bags are extremely lightweight, durable and reusable cargo restraint support and protection products used for padding and securing cargo during transit. They prevent cargo from falling over, collapsing, vibrating and shaking in transit, thereby preventing damage from occurring.

Polypropolene Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags can be made from various different materials. However, at Tufbag, we make our dunnage bags from polypropylene. Polypropylene is an extremely strong and durable plastic. Once inflated, these airbags provide superior cargo stabilisation and can secure it safely.
Moreover, polypropylene is a very cost-effective material to produce in bulk, making dunnage bags very affordable. It is also recyclable because it is a thermoplastic, thereby ensuring that dunnage bags are an environmentally-friendly option ‒ especially when compared to packing materials such as polystyrene. Polyethylene bags are very strong and can be subjected to significant pressures without rupturing.


When transporting cargo, weight is a significant factor that plays into your costs. By reducing the weight of your cargo restraint solutions through dunnage bags, you can minimise unnecessary costs associated with excess weight.
Moreover, dunnage bags also help you maximise space because they fit conveniently into various spaces. They can be inflated to fill a variety of different spaces. This makes them flexible and useful in multiple situations and with many different types of cargo.

Superior Protection

Industrial dunnage bags ensure that your cargo is nice and secure by providing ample padding. Dunnage bags use natural air pressure to absorb any impacts and reduce vibrations. By reducing vibrations and absorbing impacts in transit, dunnage bags can ensure that your cargo is delivered in pristine condition every time.

Dunnage bags also provide the added benefit of protecting your cargo against moisture and other kinds of contamination. They are useful for keeping your cargo off the ground while simultaneously providing superior shock absorption and moisture protection all at once.

At Tufbag, we supply dunnage bags along with bulk bags and other packing supplies. We take great pride in ensuring that our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, which means you can rest assured that your cargo will arrive in perfect condition.

Contact us today to find out how our industrial dunnage bags and other products can help ensure your cargo is delivered safely.