Dunnage bags have been around since the 1970s. These inflatable polypropylene bags are used to help protect goods in transit by creating padding and preventing things from moving about and vibrating against hard surfaces, which can cause scratches or breakages.

Let us take a look at some of the uses that dunnage bags have.

Prevent Accidents

One of the leading causes of accidents in shipping comes from goods shifting about during transit. When goods move about the inside of shipping containers, for example, not only can the goods themselves get badly damaged, but it could cause the shipping container to topple if stacked because it has become unbalanced.

This kind of movement can cause injury or even death in extreme cases.

Dunnage bags can prevent goods from moving about in transit by creating an air-padded barrier that holds the goods firmly in place.

Save On Costs

Various f packaging materials exist on the market, from packing peanuts to polystyrene and everything in between. Each type of padding material has its own purpose and application, but none of them are as cheap and versatile as dunnage bags because these bags are simply filled with air to provide padding, which is free.

Moreover, these bags are made from thin but tough polypropylene plastic, which is inexpensive to produce.

Easy To Use

They are really simple to use. Once positioned, they can quickly be inflated with a compressor until they reach the required pressure to secure the goods in transit. To deflate, one can simply release the air by opening the valve. No puncturing is required, which means that they can be reused.

The fact that they can be reused many times over makes dunnage bags environmentally friendly as well, unlike other packing materials, which are often discarded and cause much pollution.

Lightweight And Waterproof

Dunnage bags are great because they don’t add any weight to the shipment since they’re mostly just compressed air. This makes transport cheaper and easier to accomplish. What’s more, unlike many other packaging materials, dunnage bags are completely waterproof and won’t absorb moisture in transit, thereby preventing mould or water damage from occurring on the goods. This will also keep the load light since it won’t absorb water.

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