The use of polyethylene liners in bulk bags when transporting bulk dry goods can be challenging, as you not only have to keep the contents free from contamination and moisture ingress but also ensure that the product does not leak out.

Since most bulk dry goods are transported and stored in bulk bags, which are made from a breathable and porous weave, the use of high-quality polyethylene liners is often critical.

Here are some of the times when the use of polyethylene liners is paramount.

Fine Goods

When transporting very coarse dry goods, such as seeds, where the mean particle size is larger than the gaps in the bulk bag weave, then polyethylene liners might not be strictly necessary as the goods will not leak, unless the aim is to protect goods from moisture or other contamination.

However, when transporting fine powders, which have particle sizes small enough to leak through the weave of the bulk bag, liners become essential to prevent the loss of product.

In some cases, the product itself is potentially hazardous (such as chemical powders) and therefore needs to be kept sealed to prevent leakage and protect personnel and the environment.

Sensitive Goods

Some bulk dry goods are highly sensitive to contamination and require a sterile environment during transportation and storage. Among these are goods such as chemicals or food products.

Polyethene liners are essential when transporting and storing such goods, as they serve to protect the goods from any potential contaminants or pests that may be present in the environment. If these goods are not properly sealed and protected with high-quality polyethylene liners, they could potentially be completely spoiled, leading to product losses.

Moisture Protection

One of the most common and important reasons to use polyethylene liners is to protect the goods from moisture. Bulk dry goods need to be kept dry in order to protect the product from spoiling.

Moisture can not only permanently alter the chemical properties and consistency of the product but can also create an environment where mould can grow, which is particularly concerning when it comes to food products.

Polyethylene liners can ensure that bulk goods are kept dry and free from moisture during transportation and storage, thereby ensuring that they are well preserved.

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