Many industries benefit from using bulk bag. With bulk bags for sale from Tufbag, you would do well to take advantage of them. There are numerous benefits to using bulk bags in the shipping and storing of bulk dry goods.

Which Industries Use Bulk Bags?

Just about every industry has a use for bulk bags. In agriculture, bulk bags are ideal for storing harvested products such as grain or rice or for storing input products such as fertilizer or planting seeds. In the closely related animal nutrition industry, bulk bags are great for storing and transporting feed or pet food in bulk.

In construction, bulk bag can be used for transporting and storing aggregates and similar materials such as silicon or resins. In mining, both mined products ‒ such as coal or other minerals ‒ and input materials such as emulsions for explosives can be transported in bulk bags.

The chemicals industry also uses bulk bags, which are great for safely carrying large quantities of dry chemical powders. The polypropylene material is resistant to caustic chemicals, rendering it safe for packaging dangerous chemicals.

Bulk Bags

In the food processing and manufacturing sectors, these bags are ideal for moving and storing dry foodstuffs such as sugar, flour, beans and so on.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bulk Bags?

Bulk bag is a great alternative to using bulk boxes or pallet-based containers. Bulk boxes tend to take up a lot of space compared to bulk bags, which are much more space-efficient at the same volume.

These bags are also lighter than bulk boxes and pallet-based storage and transport options, allowing you to store and transport more products than before because you are not wasting tonnage on things like heavy wooden pallets. Rather, just about all of the weight carried is made up of pure product since the bags themselves weigh very little at all.

Moreover, bulk bags are far easier to handle when preparing for loading. Whereas it might take two strong men to carry a bulk box and prep it, a single lightweight woman could easily carry and prep several bags by herself without any problem.

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