As one of South Africa’s leading bulk packaging suppliers, our team at Tufbag want to build understanding with our customers to ensure a fruitful and harmonious relationship.

With that in mind, here are three things that we want our customers to know:

Bulk Bags Can And Should Be Recycled

Many customers who buy these bags end up throwing them away. However, these bags can be taken to an appropriate recycling facility and recycled. Specialised polypropylene recycling depots have the right kind of equipment necessary to recycle these bags and can be found in all the major metropolitan areas around South Africa.

The only thing you need to do is ensure that the bag is clean when you deliver it to the recycling facility, as recycling dirty bags can be difficult.

Quality Is Of Paramount Importance

Customers who wish to purchase bulk bags are rightfully concerned about their quality because these bags are responsible for holding the customers’ products during transportation and storage. Any ruptures can lead to lost product, which needs to be avoided.

Therefore, you should ask your bulk packaging supplier about their quality control processes.

Here at Tufbag, we have an in-house laboratory that ensures that all components and bulk bags are fully tested to ensure their absolute reliability. We have properly trained quality control personnel, whose job it is to ensure that the production management team is aware of any issues and can rectify them quickly.

We also have a traceability system in place that helps us trace any problems back through the production process all the way to the raw material phase so that we can identify the source of any problems and rectify them.

You should make sure that your bulk packaging supplier is an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer like we are.

Communicating Your Needs Helps Us To Help You

Many customers do their own research and then simply place an order without any context given as to why they’re making the purchase. This can often lead to customers buying the wrong or suboptimal bulk packaging products for their needs.

Bulk packaging suppliers like Tufbag love it when customers call us to ask for advice or guidance on their bulk packaging needs. Nobody knows these products better than us, so we can provide expert advice and insights to ensure our customers buy the right thing the first time to achieve optimal results.

If you’re looking for high-quality bulk packaging products to ensure your materials are transported and stored safely, contact us at Tufbag today. We are one of South Africa’s leading bulk packaging suppliers.