Various industries deal with dry bulk products of one kind or another. Therefore, bulk bags are used throughout a wide variety of sectors to store and transport a wide range of products.
Bulk bags are flexible and versatile woven polypropylene bags that are extremely tough and durable. These bags provide a means of storing bulk dry goods for transit, as well as for stocking purposes. They have various properties that make them desirable, such as their strength and resistance to contamination.
Let us look at a few industries that use the bulk bag and why might be an appropriate choice for your industry as well.


The agricultural sector uses bulk bag in many applications. From the transport and storage of livestock feed, fertilisers and seeds to the collection, transport and storage of harvested goods, the agricultural sector is well familiar with the benefits of bulk bags.
Bulk bag are reusable, easy to store, easy to transport and, when lined, effectively prevent moisture ingress, thereby protecting the product.


Whether we’re talking about cement manufacturers or suppliers of aggregate, the construction industry makes significant use of bulk bag for the transport and delivery of construction materials. Materials such as cement need to be kept dry in transit if it is to be mixed on-site. Therefore, the transportation of cement through lined bulk bag can ensure that the cement is delivered untainted, ready to be mixed and poured.
Various other construction materials and consumables can also be delivered using bulk bags. Because they’re so tough, these universal and versatile bags can be used for different materials.

Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries, products must be stored and transported in a sanitary and hygienic manner to prevent contamination and to ensure that no harm comes to the product.
The chemicals and pharmaceutical sectors are very sensitive to contamination as it can undermine entire product batches. Therefore, their continued reliance on lined bulk bags to transport their goods says a lot about how reliable bulk bags are. When properly lined, bulk bags can protect chemicals from contamination and moisture ingress while safely transporting them.


The food industry often needs to transport bulk quantities of dry goods such as flour, nuts, seeds, cereals, and more. This necessitates protecting these products from contamination, ranging from pests to mould.
Bulk bag form a critical part of the food logistics industry as they can be reliably used to transport food goods hygienically and safely. Moreover, bulk bag can be reused, which means that they can be filled on one end and then decanted on the other side. This reduces the cost of having to purchase new packing materials every time.
Industrial bulk bags can help your industry reduce its logistics costs while making sure that your products are kept safe and secure. Contact us at Tufbag to get your bulk bags today!