The South African underground mining industry is renowned for its ingenuity as well as its inherent danger. Thanks to the advances underground, with South Africa having some of the deepest mines in the world, the need for mine support products to prevent fall-of-ground incidents has increased over the years.

For centuries, different types of mine support products have been used to prevent cave-ins. Traditionally, wooden beams have been used to prevent the roof from falling in. However, in recent years, advances in technology have allowed for new products to come onto the market that make it even safer to work underground.

Here at Tufbag, we are proud to supply the mining industry with mine support products that improve safety and enhance the quality of life for many underground miners while keeping costs low, thereby boosting the profitability of the underground mining industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that polypropylene woven bags filled with cementitious material can serve as highly effective mine support products underground.

They are Exceedingly Flexible and Versatile

By filling woven polypropylene bags with cementitious material to create supports for underground mining, we are able to provide highly flexible supports that are suitable for a wide variety of different geological conditions and an endless array of mine layouts.

These bags are filled on-site when they are already in position, which means that they can be filled to fit the exact space in which they are required. This makes them highly adaptable and useful in just about any situation for which they are needed.

They are Extremely Lightweight

Transporting large timber frames underground, then cutting them and fitting them in place to support the rock ceiling, can be an arduous endeavour. Timber and steel are both extremely heavy and difficult to manoeuvre into position.

However, by comparison, woven polypropylene bags are lightweight and can be positioned with relative ease – without the need for heavy machinery or complicated apparatus. All that is required are the bags themselves and a pump to fill the bags with cementitious material.

The fact that they are so easy to install underground reduces the need for additional labour and equipment requirements, making them an attractive solution in tight spaces.

They are Very Strong and Durable

Even though woven polypropylene bags are very lightweight, they possess impressive strength characteristics and are highly resistant to rupturing. When filled with cementitious material, these bags provide a substantial load-bearing capacity that is superior to that of timber. This makes them effective for supporting mine roofs or acting as walls and pillars underground, providing a safe environment for workers.

They are Cost-effective

Because they are cost-effective, woven polypropylene bags can be easily maintained and looked after without huge costs involved. These reusable bags are also recyclable, which makes them environmentally friendly and also reduces the cost involved because they do not need to be replaced very often.

To gain access to our range of mine support products made from woven polypropylene bags filled with cementitious material, contact us at Tufbag today!