Industrial-grade bulk bags need to be able to withstand harsh working conditions. As one of South Africa’s leading industrial bulk bag suppliers, we, at Tufbag, know how important it is to ensure high-quality woven bulk bags that will protect your goods without fail.

Here are some of the properties that make our bags so tough:


Woven polypropylene bags must have an exceptionally high tensile strength to be used in industrial applications where they must be able to withstand rough handling and heavy loads.

The polypropylene material, when woven, forms a strong structure able to withstand a variety of stresses and resist tearing and stretching. This is what gives woven polypropylene its strength. Industrial applications frequently subject such bags to significant weight, frequent movement, and rough handling. As such, this material is ideal, as it won’t fail under pressure.


One of the greatest advantages of woven polypropylene bags is their ability to withstand environmental pressures, such as moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.

The hydrophobic nature of polypropylene ensures that these bags are not absorbent, making them capable of resisting moisture damage over time. They are a good product for outdoor use because they are resistant to UV damage, whereas other types of containers may become damaged after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

These bags can withstand being stored outside and transported in a variety of weather conditions.


Thanks to their inherent strength and resistance to wear and tear, woven polypropylene bags can be used long-term. Their durability and structural integrity make them ideal for sustained use cases.

These kinds of bags can be used repeatedly without enduring significant damage, making them not only a sustainable choice, but also a cost-effective one. This is important since industrial companies need to manage their costs closely.

Their resistance to punctures and abrasion makes woven polypropylene bags eminently reusable, which reduces the need for single-use packaging material. This further contributes to environmental sustainability, which is increasingly an important factor for industrial companies.

Tufbag is one of South Africa’s most reliable and well-trusted industrial bulk bag suppliers. Our bags are durable enough to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, ensuring your goods are safe in transit and storage. Contact us now to place an order or to find out more about what we have on offer.