If you are looking for polypropylene bags for sale, then you should know the difference between polypropylene and polyethylene bags so that you know which applications they’re best suited for.

Both of these materials are widely used in packaging, and many people often confuse the two because they have many similarities. While they are both very common plastics, polyethylene and polypropylene have some key differences. Let us review these differences now.

Polyethylene Bags

Polyethylene is a tear-resistant, flexible and durable plastic. These three characteristics make it an essential packaging material, especially for heavy-duty items. Industrial companies often favour polyethylene bags for large and heavy items such as machine parts because they are less likely to tear and have enough flexibility, elasticity and durability to withstand the weight of heavy items in transit.

Because polyethylene is inert, it creates less static charge, which means less static electricity. Generally, It is also translucent, which means that it stops a large amount of light from penetrating the packaging, thereby protecting the contents from UV damage.

Owing to its low static charge, polyethylene attracts very little dirt and dust and other organic contaminants.

Moreover, its soft and pliable nature means that it is easy to work with. Therefore, it is capable of handling much manipulation and can resist wear and tear quite effectively. It is also resistant to cold temperatures and is not likely to become brittle. Overall. polyethylene bags are lower cost.

Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are typically crystal clear and provide a high degree of clarity. This makes it an attractive packaging option when it is important to see what is inside.

Polypropylene is also extremely resistant to moisture, which makes it an effective barrier against water and moisture vapours. Because of this, polypropylene is effective in food packaging, where it preserves freshness and taste by preventing evaporation.

Overall, polypropylene is a stronger plastic than polyethylene and thus tends to be a little more expensive. However, its greater durability makes it an ideal product for use in the food, electronics, manufacturing, medical and agricultural sectors.

Polypropylene is also generally more resistant to high temperatures than polyethylene. It also provides greater protection to packaged products against scratches.

It can be made into a very stiff and hard plastic, depending on the grade. In general, polypropylene bags are very robust and difficult to break or tear. However, they are not always as flexible as polyethylene.

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