There are all sorts of different types of FIBC bags to suit a variety of different industries and their respective requirements. Some industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, require FIBC bags that provide reliable moisture control to ensure that the absolute integrity of the sensitive materials being transported and stored is maintained.

Let’s take a look at some of the risks of poor moisture control in the pharmaceutical industry and why it’s so crucial to have FIBC bags that you can depend on to keep your goods dry.


When your bulk bags are not properly sealed against moisture, it can allow for the growth of mould, bacteria, and other microorganisms to contaminate the product inside. These contaminants thrive in the presence of moisture, so it is crucial to ensure that the product remains dry.

When these highly sensitive products get wet, even just a little, it completely compromises the safety of the goods, making them unfit for pharmaceutical purposes. Even if safety is not affected, moisture can undermine the efficacy of the active ingredient, posing a problem for the quality of the final product.


When active ingredients become inundated with moisture, they become less effective because the active ingredients are dissolved. This can render the medications ineffective, which can be dangerous to those relying on them. This compromises the quality of the product and severely impacts patient health and treatment outcomes.

It is therefore crucial to keep the ingredients dry to maintain the integrity of the chemical compounds used in pharmaceuticals and ensure the final product delivers on its purpose.


While some chemicals might be rendered impotent through the ingress of moisture, others can undergo changes leading to chemical instability, resulting in unexpected and potentially dangerous effects.

Moisture can cause physical instability as well. Tablets, for example, can become sticky, powders can become clumpy, and capsules can swell or dissolve.

If pharmaceutical products are affected by moisture, it can lead to potential regulatory non-compliance issues and product recalls, severely impacting the bottom line. Reputational damage could follow as well.

Tufbag offers different types of FIBC bags to suit not only the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, but all other industries too, from construction to agriculture and everything in between. Contact us now to find out more or to place an order.