Poly sheeting can be used in various applications. Whether for flooring, countertops, roofing, moisture protection, dust protection or window films, this material’s properties make it an attractive option.

The uses for poly sheeting are wide and varied, depending on the type and thickness. Although polyethylene has a slow rate of compact decomposition, its use in protecting the environment from toxic chemicals ‒ such as in slurry dam linings ‒ and its recyclability make it less environmentally harmful than many other plastics.

It’s Recyclable

Polyethylene can be recycled because it is a thermoplastic. Thermoplastics can be melted down and remolded thanks to the fact that they don’t burn as easily as non-thermoplastics but rather melt when heated. This makes it an attractive material from an environmental standpoint. The fact that polyethylene is recyclable also makes it a potentially more cost-effective plastic because it can be reused, thereby lowering production costs.

It’s Easy To Work With

Because polyethylene is a thermoplastic, it means that when it is heated, it can become soft, making it quite pliable, easy to work with and easy to process. It also means that poly sheeting can be used in a wide variety of applications. It can be welded together easily and these welds are quite waterproof as well.

Polyethylene can also be sterile, making it safe for use in situations where sterilised surfaces are necessary, which could include chemical, pharmaceutical or food production applications or agriculture.

It’s Tough

Polyethylene is particularly robust. This very strong material can withstand a significant amount of abuse, as it is very durable and can be made to have a high degree of rigidity and tensile strength. This means that polyethylene sheeting can resist temperature fluctuations, provided they are not excessively extreme.

It is also resistant to cold and can be used in cold conditions with confidence because it won’t grow brittle and break easily. Polyethylene is also a very poor conductor of electricity, making it a safe and effective insulator.

It also is good at protecting against moisture ingress. In addition, poly sheeting is excellent at trapping heat, which makes it a good greenhouse roofing material because it prevents heat from escaping.

It’s Affordable

Another fantastic property of polyethylene is that it is very affordable. This is due to the low price of the raw input materials, as well as the low mass density of polyethylene. Moreover, one of the aspects that makes polyethylene affordable is its long service life. When comparing the service life of poly sheeting against the cost of producing it, the value for money is hard to beat.

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