If you are planning on securing a big bag supplier so that you can safely store and transport all of your bulk dry goods, there are a number of questions that you should ask prospective suppliers before making an investment decision.

Bulk bags are a necessity for many businesses. Not only do they make the transportation of goods easier, but they also help reduce transportation costs and minimise the loss or damage of products thanks to the numerous durable and protective qualities of woven polypropylene bags. Here are several questions that you should ask before jumping into bed with a bulk bag supplier.

What Kinds Of Bags Are Offered & What Do They Cost?

It is important to determine right off the bat what kinds of bulk bags the prospective supplier manufactures and offers and what they cost. You will want to ensure that you understand the unit costs as well as bulk orders. The cost of bulk orders will determine how much your company can afford and will also indicate the level of risk.

There is a wide variety of bulk bags on the market, made from various materials using various manufacturing techniques. Different bulk bags have different arrangements in terms of the way their handles are attached and the way they can be filled up or decanted. All of these are important considerations, depending on the product you wish to sell. Therefore, it is important that you determine what your bulk bag supplier can offer you so that you can determine how it will benefit your product and what it will cost to do so.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

A significant part of determining the cost of bulk bag purchases is determining the minimum order quantity. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to order a relatively small number of bulk bags. Many bulk bag suppliers do not like to sell small quantities, so they will only take orders for a large number of bulk bags. In other cases, you may get a smaller bulk bag supplier who cannot keep up with a very large order of bulk bags.

To avoid any potential disappointments or frustrations, it is best to communicate early on with your prospective bulk bag supplier about the kinds of quantities that you expect and need in order to fulfil the function required.

What Is The Quality Control Like?

Like any other product, bulk bags need to be made to a certain standard of quality to ensure that the product does not fail at a critical juncture. Bulk bag failures can be catastrophic, leading to a significant loss of product, which can cost you dearly. You want to ensure that the business that is supplying your bulk bags has a rigorous quality control program in place.

This will ensure that every bulk bag is manufactured to the highest standards for strength and durability so that you do not suffer a failure, which can result in loss of product. Failures can even lead to personal injuries. Therefore, the quality control process is critical.

At Tufbag, we have a rigorous quality control process that allows us to trace any problems back from the end product right through to the input materials used to weave the bags in the first place. This will allow us to root out any potential quality problems right at the start, which allows us to guarantee a certain level of quality to our customers.

What Is The Customer Service Like?

Good customer support is critical. You want a supplier who has a reasonable return policy in the case of subpar standards in their manufactured bulk bags. Additionally, you will need a supplier who can meet your delivery timeframes and is open and communicative about any problems or changes that may arise.

A good way to check if a bulk bag supplier has good customer service is to check with their previous customers. Any successful and competent business will not shy away from you wanting to speak to their previous customers to verify their quality and service levels.

By using these questions, you can ensure that you get a bulk bag supplier that doesn’t let you down.

As one of South Africa’s leading big bag suppliers, we at Tufbag endeavour to deliver the highest quality bulk bags with excellent customer service to match. Order today!