When transporting bulk dry goods, the ingress of moisture can cause significant problems. There are various ways to protect goods from moisture in transit, from ensuring that goods are properly sealed to implementing high-tech climate control technologies. However, where such technologies are not present or simply too expensive, often simply keeping dry goods away from wet walls and floors is effective enough.

Let us review some of the ways that moisture can be controlled through the use of dunnage bags.


During transit, condensation can quickly form inside shipping containers and in storage facilities. Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air is cooled to the dew point, causing it to turn into water on cool surfaces. This can easily happen on the insides of containers because the metal is cold. When enough moisture forms, it can drip onto the floors and create puddles.

When goods are resting on the floor or pressed up against walls, condensation can leak into the goods and cause damage.

Where climate control technologies are not available in transit to manage humidity levels, dunnage bags can add a layer of protection against condensation by ensuring that the goods are kept off the ground and away from the walls.

The dunnage bags themselves are also somewhat immune to condensation because they are filled with air and made from plastic ‒ both of which will resist condensation forming because neither the air inside nor the plastic bag will get as cold as metal.

Spillages Or Rain Ingress

In some cases, containers and warehouses can be insufficiently sealed against the elements, allowing rain to leak in and cause flooding or puddles on the floor. When this happens, bulk dry goods that are stored on the floor can be subjected to moisture ingress and be ruined. Spillages also commonly occur in warehouses. Products containing fluids can break open or spill onto the ground, which can ruin dry goods.

Using dunnage bags to keep goods off the floor can make all the difference in saving them from being spoiled. Moreover, dunnage bags are waterproof and will therefore not absorb any water, so it is safe for them to sit in puddles without any chance of the moisture transferring to the package.

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