If you are looking for quality bulk bags for sale, then it helps to know the kind of terms used in the industry so that you can be better educated as to what products you’re looking for and what their features and specifications should be.

Let’s take a look at a couple of must-know terms that every bulk bag buyer should know.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)

A flexible intermediate bulk container, or FIBC, is simply another term for a bulk bag, which is a large, highly durable, flexible bag made of woven polypropylene. These containers are used for transporting and storing a large range of bulk materials, such as sand, chemicals, grains and cement.

Safe Working Load (SWL)

The safe working load, also referred to as the SWL, is the maximum weight that a bulk bag is capable of holding without risking rupture. Every bulk bag will have an SWL rating, and it is critical that this weight is not exceeded when filling the bags.

Filling Spout

A filling spout is an opening toward the top of the bulk bag that allows for materials to be easily loaded into the bag. The filling spout acts as a kind of funnel, ensuring that bulk materials can be poured in without spillage.

Discharge Spout

Similar to a filling spout, the discharge spout acts as a funnel for unloading the bulk materials upon arrival at their destination. The discharge spout is located at the bottom of the bag and often features some kind of closure mechanism.

Lifting Loops

Lifting loops are a series of extremely strong looped straps that are attached to the top of the bulk bag to allow it to be lifted and transported by cranes and forklifts. These loops are normally located on the four corners of the bag for maximum strength and stability.

Duffel Top

A duffel top is essentially a mechanism for closing bulk bags at the top of the bag using a series of drawstrings. This closure mechanism resembles a duffel bag, hence its name.


Baffles are internal fabric panels that have been sewn into the corners of the bag to help the bag maintain its shape. Bags that have baffles are less flexible than other types of bulk bags. However, the baffles help the bag remain upright and stable when being filled and also ensure that they don’t bulge at the midsection when fully loaded.

Dust-Proof Seam

Dust-proof seams are a series of seams that have been specially constructed to help reduce the incidence of particles leaking from the bag. Dust-proof seams are important to ensure that materials are safely contained within the bag. Their inclusion is a sign of a high-quality bulk bag.

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