Poly sheeting is a type of plastic film that is made from polyethylene. This versatile product can be used in a wide variety of applications because it is almost entirely waterproof. However, it does allow oxygen, carbon dioxide and other minor gasses to pass through, meaning that it can breathe.

It is typically clear, although it can be made opaque or even coloured, depending on the application. Moreover, it can have various additives added to it to make it more fire-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-static or low slip.

There is a wide range of poly sheeting options on the market. Let us look at the different uses it might have.


One of the most common uses for poly sheeting is to cover sensitive objects to protect them against the elements, particularly moisture. It can be used to cover outdoor equipment, piles of wood or even furniture to protect it from rain, snow or any other kind of moisture ingress that could occur. It is a relatively inexpensive option and preferable in temporary situations as opposed to permanent roofing.


Thanks to its waterproof nature, poly sheeting is often used as a waterproofing layer underneath ponds and manmade lakes. It is generally strong enough to withstand the sun and the elements, especially if it is a high-density polyethylene. It can also be used in the construction of canals or the lining of slimes dams in mining and quarrying applications.

Water Collection

Just as it can be used to keep water out, poly sheeting can also be used to keep water in, such as in rain collection applications. Thanks to its non-toxic composition, it is safe for humans, fish and also for vegetation. Therefore, it is very useful in applications such as aquaponics or agriculture, as it is safe. It can even leach out chemicals if it is the correct grade of virgin polyethylene.


It is useful in construction and painting because it can be used as tarps to protect furniture and close off rooms being remodelled to minimise the dust that occurs as a result of contractors working. Dust can become a major problem in a home during renovations and can take months to eradicate if poly sheeting is not used to close off construction areas.


Owing to its nontoxic composition, flexibility and waterproof nature, poly sheeting is an excellent and safe packaging product ‒ particularly for foodstuffs. It can keep wet products safe from contamination and dry products from getting wet. When used as a liner material in shipping, poly sheeting is extremely effective at keeping products safe during transit.

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